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Windi the GasPasser

What is Windi made of?

Our Windi is made of Dryflex TPE.

Can Windi hurt my baby? How long is the part that I insert in my baby’s bottom?

No. Windi has a stopper, so you can never insert it too far. Plus, it has a soft, gentle and rounded tip which helps for easy insertion.

Why is Windi better than a Q-tip?

Yes. Unlike a Q-tip, Windi is a hollow tube that safely, naturally and instantly relieves gas and calms colic. Plus, you can literally feel the breeze of baby’s relief with Windi.

Can I reuse Windi?

No. Please make sure to toss Windi after each use. Reusing the same Windi may pose a risk of infection.

How many times can I use Windi on my child per day?

Although completely natural, we don’t recommend using Windi more than 3x a day. If baby’s not feeling any better, we recommend you call your doctor as gas might not be the issue.

At what age can I start using Windi on my baby?

You can start using the Windi on your baby as early 0-12 months old for gas relief. There is no age limit, it all depends on your child.

Should I lubricate Windi before use?

Yes, we recommend that you use coconut oil, but any gentle lubricant will do the trick.

How do I use Windi?

Step 1: massage belly gently downward towards rectum. Step 2: lubricate Windi tip. We recommend coconut oil, but any lubricant works. Step 3: lift legs and have a diaper ready… trust us, it could get messy. Step 4: gently insert windi listen for the gas to pass—it’ll sound like a whistle and should only take a few seconds. Once you hear the whistle or feel the breeze, remove and discard Windi. Note: Windi is for single use only and can’t be reused.