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FeverFrida the iThermonitor

Can I reuse my FeverFrida patches?

We recommended to disregard the patch after every 24 hours, do not repaste adhesives. If an adhesive is already folded over, a new patch is required.

What is the size or battery used for the FeverFrida?

The battery is a Panasonic CR 2025 3V that may be found in any Drug Store.

My FeverFrida is not working anymore. Can you please help?

No data during usage may be caused by the following reasons:
Low battery. Please change the battery and restart the FeverFrida.
Disconnection between FeverFrida and smartphones. To ensure the stability of
connection, please keep your smart phone/iPad above the FeverFrida within 3-5 feet
without obstacles.

FeverFrida is used for continuous monitoring for fever progression observation rather than instant measurements. We recommend the FeverFrida be at room temperature for 5 mins before usage. And during the first 3-8 mins of wearing the FeverFrida, parents should help their children hold their arm against their body until the reading on the app is stable. Also, please check if the patch is loose and the metal part of the FeverFrida is not contacting the skin directly. If so, the reading will be lower than actual body temperature. It is normal that different thermometers have different readings at different spots (oral, ear, rectal or armpit).

What is the adhesive patch made of?

Our FeverFrida patches are latex free and are made with a non-irritating hydrogel.

What if my baby squirms or moves at night? Will the monitor fall off?

Not to worry, just be sure to place adhesive patch is securely placed over the FeverFrida.

What kind of metal is the sensor on the FeverFrida made of?

The FeverFrida sensor is made of the same stainless steel (SUS304) normally used on medical devices.

I don’t understand the cloud option on my FeverFrida. Please help.

No problem! Cloud service is used for remote monitoring of your child’s fever. It requires using two receivers, one in the same room as your child syncing his/her temp, the other for you to use to view your child’s temp from anywhere in the world. Both receivers must have a strong internet connection. You need to sign into the same profile on each of the receivers to view the data and notifications.

How many days of temperature data can I store on my FeverFrida? What if I lose my Bluetooth connection?

You can store up to 10 days of data even when bluetooth connection is lost, using the device’s built-in memory. You can even explore the data via the Export Report feature and easily share with caregivers.

What is considered a normal temperature range for ages 0-2 years old?

A normal temperature read for 0-2 years old ranges between 97.5-100.4 F. If you use iThermonitor app’s function of “Ask Thermia™️ for Fever Tips” on the bottom of the screen, which is licensed from Boston Children’s Hospital, and follow the steps to input some basic information, you will get the result of “Your child does not have a temperature that needs to be treated at this time.”

What’s the default high temperature alert on the FeverFrida set to?

The highest temperature alert is currently 104.9

Can I use FeverFrida on all my children? How do I add other users?

Yes, you can use the FeverFrida for up to 3 users. To add users on the app you should see an image of a person on the top right, go ahead & select that.
There you should see the option “Add more users”

Does the FeverFrida have an age limit?

No, however we recommend that you use the monitor from birth through 13 years old.

How often does FeverFrida capture my baby’s temperature?

FeverFrida captures auxillary temperature readings every 4 seconds and relays data to the App in real-time.

How do I know if my baby’s temperature rises?

A custom fever alert will sound the alarm and notify you via the App. Bonus: Our partnership with Boston Children’s Hospital provides you with fever management tips, a symptom tracker and medicine dosage calculator, all within the App!

How long does the battery last on the FeverFrida iThermonitor?

The FeverFrida has a battery life of 120 days if you use the device for 8 hours a day. Once the battery life runs out, you can replace it with a regular watch battery found at any of your local retailers. Note: Frequent synchronization of data may deplete power more quickly.

How far away can I be from my baby and still stay connected to the FeverFrida Bluetooth?

If you’re only using one smart device, you must be within a 40-foot range. However, you can use the iCloud option for remote monitoring. Just connect the FeverFrida to an old smart device within the 40-foot range and connect your cell phone to the cloud following these steps: 1. Prepare 2 smart devices (A & B), both should have internet access. 2. Connect the FeverFrida to Device A via bluetooth. 3. Place FeverFrida as directed under your baby’s arm. 4. Make sure Device A is connected to the internet (and a power source so the battery doesn’t run out. Open the iThermonitor app on Device A so that the temperature reading will be uploaded to the cloud in real-time. 5. Connect Device B (your cellphone) to the internet and login to the iThermonitor app with the same account, choosing same user as Device A to access temperature information from the cloud in real-time, anywhere.

My Bluetooth is on but the device won’t show up on my smartphone. Help!

Have you opened the iThermonitor app to connect? Please note, the FeverFrida iThermonitor will not show up as a bluetooth connection.

Do I need WiFi to use the iThermonitor App?

No, you just need a bluetooth enabled, smart device like a smartphone, tablet or iPad. Temperature data is transmitted via baby-safe, low energy, smart Bluetooth technology.

What’s the name of the FeverFrida App? Where can I find it?

The FeverFrida app is called “The iThermonitor” and can be found on Google Play and the App Store.

How accurate is the FeverFrida

We prioritize the accuracy of our temperature readings!

The range in degree of accuracy for FeverFrida is as follows:
±0.09°F (95°F-101.3°F)

±0.18°F (<94.9°F and >101.3°F)
This information is also available in the app “Settings>About> FAQ” Item 8