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NoseFrida Products

Help! My NoseFrida mouthpiece/tube/application broke.

Fret not! Email us at [email protected]

Where can I find the NoseFrida?

You can find a NoseFrida near you here: [insert link]

Does the regular NoseFrida come with a case to store it when it’s not in use?

No, the regular NoseFrida product is meant to be kept at home. Try our NoseFrida with Travel Case product, for snotsucking on-the-go!

Is my NoseFrida dishwasher safe?

Yes, most of the NoseFrida pieces are dishwasher safe, except for the long thin clear tube and the blue sponge filters. Make sure you replace the blue sponge filter after every use.

What’s the best way to clean my NoseFrida?

Step 1: Toss the used filter, Step 2: Take the pieces apart and wash with soap and water, Step 3: Clean thin tube with a few drops of rubbing alcohol, Step 4: Firmly snap the dry pieces together, add a new filter and wait for the click. That’s it! You’re now ready for your next call of duty.

Can I reuse my NoseFrida?

Absolutely! Just make sure to toss out the blue filter and replace with a new one, and wash the boogies out with soap and water before your next use.

Does NoseFrida come with a saline solution or snotspray?

NoseFrida the SnotSucker product does not, however you can purchase the NoseFrida Saline Kit or the NoseFrida SnotSpray separately for our all natural, completely safe, preservative-free saline spray. With only two ingredients — sea salt and water — the gentle formula moisturizes baby’s nose for seamless snotsucking.

What if I suck too hard? Can I hurt my baby?

Trust us, you won’t and even if you do, it won’t harm baby (please refrain from hooking up your NoseFrida to a machine). If you’re having trouble clearing the boogies from baby’s nose, we recommend a few pumps of saline spray to aid with the seamless snotsucking.

Do I have to replace the NoseFrida filter after each use? Why?

Yes. Make sure you replace the filter after each use to ensure that the NoseFrida works properly.

How many filters does teh NoseFrida come with an how often does each filter need to be replaced?

NoseFrida comes with 4 hygiene filters. After each use, toss the filter and replace with a new one, for 100% hygienic snotsucking. Need more filters? Click here!

How effective is the blue filter that comes with the NoseFrida? Does it prevent the transfer of viruses or does it only prevent the transfer of mucus and boogers?

NoseFrida’s hygienic filter or “the blue filter” is clinically proven to prevent bacterial germs from travelling anywhere. After each use, toss out the filter and clean the rest of the pieces with soap and water. Snap the pieces firmly back together, listen for the click and you’re ready for your next call of duty.

My newborn has small nostrils. Will the NoseFrida fit up his/her nose?

Breathe easy. Unlike other invasive products, NoseFrida is designed to create a seal around the outside of baby’s nose, for a more comfortable experience.

Why do I have to use NoseFrida? Why can’t I use the bulb syringe I got at the hospital?

NoseFrida is the #1 pediatrician recommended solution. It’s up to you to keep their nose clean and clear.

At what age can I use the NoseFrida on my baby?

Invented by a Swedish Pediatrics Ear, Nose and Throat doctor, NoseFrida is the smart, safe and hygienic way to get boogers out from newborns, up until they’re toddling their way through potty training.