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Can’t even say how much I love Fridababy! So happy to partner with them today. Fridababy’s Bitty Bundle of Joy tool kit now available at all Target stores! It’s SO essential for new moms and it’s the PERFECT gift for a baby shower. It’s the things that new moms don’t know they’ll need or forget if it’s their second time…but as soon as some bad gas hits or baby get’s the first cold, they’ll be so glad to have these products!

The NoseFrida was used a lot on Goldie as a babe and will be on Darcy as well! We used it most when she had a cold to get the extra snot out and it’s a sleep saver for sure. The Windi has been amazing with that fourth trimester baby gas that seems to be happening multiple times every hour! It seriously works like MAGIC. I could use an entire pack every day. They are that good.  The last couple of nights the Windi has saved me some serious sleep because they relieve the gas (or poop..sorry haha) instantly after being inserted and Darcy has been able to get right back to sleep. The NailFrida is awesome because there is a mini spy hole so you can make sure you aren’t cutting too far. Cutting baby nails can be a little stressful, right? Anything that makes it easier is nice.

So, the products are all must-haves and can we just talk about the packaging now? I think they should do a children’s book next with those cute people, right? So good. Goldie is obsessed with helping me and this fun packaging literally had begging me to let her “help” cut Darcy’s nails. So, now I get to bribe her with helping instead of with TV time or treats. HA!


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As a mom, it can sometimes be overwhelming when searching for baby products. There are a lot of brands on the market & if you’re a new mom especially, you can be unsure of what exactly to get for your little one. I love to hear advice from other moms & that’s exactly how I found out about the brand, Fridababy! They create some of the most innovative tools for your little ones & I’m not exaggerating when I say that these products will blow you away! We try to keep things as natural as we can & their products really help us in that aspect. Instead of turning to medicine for things like gas or constipation, they have the perfect little tools to get rid of them both naturally & easily.

“This little nasal aspirator is literally a life changer!”

When you have a baby, it’s incredibly hard to clear out their nasal passage because they obviously can’t blow their nose & the little suction bulb they give you at the hospital just doesn’t cut it. Here’s where the NoseFrida “The Snotsucker” nasal aspirator comes in handy though! (This is the first product we heard about & it saves you when your little one is stuffy or sick). This is the coolest little contraption where one end forms a seal on the outside of the nostril & the other end is used as a mouth suction. I know, the thought of that sounds interesting at first but don’t worry, there is a stopper inside so you don’t have to worry about getting anything disgusting in your mouth & the parts are so easy to clean. This little nasal aspirator is literally a life changer! After my sisters wedding, both boys got sick & while Kannon is capable of blowing his nose on his own now, Hendrix was so congested that he could barely breathe. Thanks to the NoseFrida though, we were able to clear out his nose enough so that drinking his bottle wasn’t an issue!

The NailFrida SnipperClipper set is also an absolute must. These are my absolute favorite nail clippers because they have a little safety spyhole so you can see what you’re clipping. I don’t have to stress about clipping too short or accidentally clipping skin. Especially since Kannon is terrified of anyone touching his nails ever since he got Hand Foot Mouth a year & a half ago. If you have dealt with this, you know it’s a total nightmare! All of his fingernails & toenails fell off (thankfully with a new nail underneath. Thanks to the little spyhole in these, he can see exactly what I’m clipping & he doesn’t freak out anymore. No more meltdowns over clipping his nails.. For either of us.

I honestly love that Fridababy created this Bitty Bundle of Joy Gift Set because it is the perfect starter kit for new parents. It comes with 1 NoseFrida the SnotSucker, 20 NoseFrida Hygiene Filters, 10 Windi the GasPasser (the most natural way to relieve gas & save you from a night of pacing the floor trying to get baby to be comfortable), a NailFrida SnipperClipper set with clippers and a newborn file, 1 Fridet the MomWasher (perfect for postpartum cleaning!), and a reusable bag to store or carry on the go. If you’re pregnant, new parents, or looking for a baby shower gift, check this set out. You can now get it at Babies R US!

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With all these cool new gadgets out since having Millie back in 2013. I have been having so much fun researching about all the new things that are for newborns! There are just so many things coming out every month, some items are unnecessary, some are too expensive for my taste, and some items I never knew I needed!

Of course, I have all the essentials down for things we need to get for baby #3, but seriously. How many things I never knew was out there makes me seem clueless. I recently discovered the Fridababy Bitty Bundle Of Joy Kit, and oh ahh, how excited I am to try out all these amazing products on my soon to be born son!

I always thought the basic Nose Syringe and regular nail clippers were enough for a newborn, and boy was I wrong! Fridababy is making parenting a whole lot easier with these products, and I’m going to share with you everything that comes in this kit.

This bundle is a perfect kit for any fussy moments your newborn baby might have. Whether it’s a stuffy nose, nails that need trimming, a gassy baby, or for all us mothers that will be recovering from delivery. This starter kit is a one stop shop for all your baby needs. All of Fridababy products are all natural and safe.


For all of us Postpartum moms, all we are focused on are our newborn babies. But, taking care of ourselves is also crucial. Fridet is for Postpartum Perineal Care- which I find amazing. The typical bottle we get at the hospital doesn’t come with an angle-neck, and this one is designed to be upside down. Fridet will help me heal faster, and put me at ease with cleaner and better care.


Have you ever had a gassy baby that was so fussy, but nothing seemed to be relieving his pain? I remember using plenty of methods on both babies, and always had to keep reusing these methods several times before they were relieved of any gas pains… Now with Windi you’re able to give your baby instant relief naturally. It’s a safe way to pass stubborn gas! 


Boogers in babies are the worst! I always stressed about getting them out with the syringe, and both my kids hated it. Nosefrieda is a doctor recommended “SNOTSUCKER” which is safe for both parents and babies to use, and will help with the toughest stuffy nose.


When Ethan was small, I was clipping his nails with miniature nail clippers and accidentally snipped a little too close to his skin, which ended up in a horrible scream and a little blood. That in itself, made me panic as a new mother, and ever since I have not touched nail clippers- Yes, I bite my children’s nails. I know, it’s gross. Hearing about how Nailfrida’s nail clippers have a “Safety spyhole” for moms like me, who fear the worst, had me sold. Not only does it come with a spy hole, so you know where to clip without going too far, but the blades are also curved, which mimic the shape of baby scissors. The perfect kit for newborn nails.
You can now purchase your own FridaBaby Bitty Bundle Of Joy kit at Target for only $49.99: CLICK HERE.
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fridababy-1I still can’t believe I’m already in my 3rd trimester and with 2 months to go I’m secretly counting down days. The nursery is almost finished and we even started washing baby clothes! (all those cutesy socks, onesies and little footsies gaaaaah.. I’m so in love) I had a super lovely small baby shower, small since most my friends and family are in Europe or NYC. It ended up being such a sweet gathering with my Husbands family and we got spoiled with the cutest baby clothes, shoes, books and rattles plus some super handy new mom essentials! I thought today would be the perfect time (and post) to share some of my favorite baby shower gift essentials! xoxo

Fridababy’s new Bitty Bundle of Joy
Can I call this the mega mom hack kit? This toolkit includes the cult favorite NoseFrida and and essentials for postpartum (the MomWasher will be packed in my hospital bag), baby and toddler. I totally love the names, NoseFrida the SnotSucker, Windi the Gaspasser, the MomWasher and a super handy baby nail clipper, the NailFrida SnipperClipper! I can’t wait to try these! (ps. keep an eye on my Instagram as I will be giving a Bitty Bundle toolkit away!) You can find the Fridababy Bitty Bundle of Joy at babies r Us!

fridababy-2Fridababy’s new bluetooth thermonitor – the FeverFrida

I love this little gadget and this makes such a great essential gift for new moms! FeverFrida is a smart thermometer that keeps track of sick babies temperature with a bluetooth monitor and patch placed under the arm! The FeverFrida will alert your smart phone when the temp goes up and stores data for pediatrician visits!


Nook Niche Nursing Pillow
The Nook nursing pillow is 100% organic, high end, soft and breathable and I got mine in this gorgeous blossom color, this pillow will be soooo perfect for breastfeeding (or bottle feeding) plus the Pebble cover can easily be wiped clean or washed!



Nook Changing Pad
This must be the most warm, cozy and comfortable (and high quality) changing pad ever! The Nook changing pad is non-toxic, made from CertiPUR-US foam and one of the safest and healthiest foam options available, it’s such a step up from all the super plastic feeling pads plus the pebble cover is waterproof too.

Baby Brezza One Step Sterilizer& Dryer
This is another wonderful gift! The Baby Brezza sterilizer and dryer will speed up cleaning bottles plus help clean other items as well! (plus it keeps babies cleaned gear safely away from our kitchen counter exploring cats ha!)

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