Snot-Sucking a Squirmy Baby: A Guide

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On Tuesday we posted answers to a bunch of reader-submitted questions about Nosefrida, Windi, and Friababy in general. One question we noticed came up more than once was how to wrangle (and subsequently snot-suck) a squirmy baby.

"subsequently snot-suck" = new favorite phrase

So for the good of the order, here are two good ways to Nosefrida even the most reluctant of snifflers.

Baby lying down

Sit on the floor, sofa, or bed with baby in your lap, face up. (If you were trying this with baby face down, we probably need to talk more. Or maybe you should be in the market for The Windi? Let us know.)

With little Nutella* cradled in your lap, gently but firmly hold both arms down with one hand while you put the tube to the nose with the other. If baby is very squirmy and kicks, you can place one of your legs gently across theirs.


*Dramatization, your off-beat baby name may vary.

Baby sitting up

With baby in a high chair or other upright seat, approach from behind like Steven Segal preparing to handle a distracted train hijacker. With Nosefrida already in your mouth, hold baby’s arms gently with one of your hands and use the other to put tube up to the nose.


And that’s all there is to it! With any luck, after a few uses, your baby will appreciate the sweet relief of an unclogged nose and begin letting you do your thing without a fuss. How about you guys? Any tips we didn’t cover? Let us know in the comments!

UPDATE: Following a lengthy (and totally unexpected) discussion with our legal folks, we’d like to make a clarification to this post. Although technically and verifiably accurate, our reference to Mr. Segal, according to counsel, does not accurately depict the former actor’s current professional endeavors. Alluding to dated action films that may not have stood up to the test of time fails to do justice to more recent contributions to society at large, namely distinguished service to the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office. We regret the oversight.


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  1. Jess says:

    When my nutella was just a little nut she didn’t mind nosefrida at all, but after the last stuffy nose at 14 months she became a frantic head shaker. Any suggestions?

    • samantha says:

      i know this is going to sound bad but i sit on the floor with my legs straight out in front of me.. i lay him down between my legs with his head closest to me i put his arms n legs under mine n i just kinda hold him down like that… it sounds awful it really does but when he has a stuffy nose so bad he cant breath thats the only way i can get him to “sit still” for me to do it. and it works!

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